First there was Peter Kay with his take on the classic (Is This the Way to) Amarillo and now in time for this year's Red Nose Day, the children at Ladybridge Primary School were in fine tune to creat their own music video

Every class has taken part in doing something a “little bit different” for this year’s efforts to fundraise for the annual charity campaign.

The school makes an effort to take part in Comic Relief every year, but this time, after a consultation process with the pupils, they collectively decided to film a music video to Queen’s ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’.

 Emma Walsh, personal development lead at Ladybridge Primary, said: “Every year we try and fundraise to support Red Nose Day and Comic Relief.

“This year, we wanted to do something fun and a little bit different with the whole school.

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“After talking to the children and brainstorming ideas we decided to make a whole school music video.

The Bolton News: Pupils from every year were involved in the videoPupils from every year were involved in the video (Image: Ladybridge Primary School)

“Each class, from reception to year six, was assigned a section of the song, where the children came up with their own dance moves.”

Emma says that the process of creating the video caused “a real buzz” around the school.

“It was lovely to hear the whole school singing Queen from their classrooms and during break times,” she added.

“It was also lovely to see the whole school come together having fun for such a great cause.”

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Comic Relief’s Red Nose Day falls on Friday, March 17 this year.

The charity was founded by scriptwriter Richard Curtis and comedian Lenny Henry in 1985 in response to the famine in Ethiopia and its Red Nose Day telethon is the centrepiece in its fundraising efforts.

The Bolton News: They hope to make more than last years £500 totalThey hope to make more than last years £500 total (Image: Ladybridge Primary School)

Last year it raised over £40m to help tackle poverty issues around the world.

Ladybridge contributed more than £500 to the charity as it undertook a series of sponsored sports events.

This year, Emma says, they hope to surpass last year’s total.

She added: “Comic Relief has been in touch with school, saying how much they enjoyed our video.”

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Ladybridge Primary School has set up a JustGiving page to help them reach their target.

People can visit to donate and help them achieve that.