A petition created against the demolition of a derelict former pub has been called into question with concerns that this has given people ‘false hope’.

The petition received 100 signatures to try and restore and preserve the Lever Arms Pub, following plans put forward to demolish it.

But Cllr Sean Hornby – who represents Darcy Lever - says that it is beyond repair and that he is concerned around safety issues, with several incidents of vandalism.

Following a residents association meeting last month, he said that the members came to the same conclusion, that it is too dangerous to remain.

He said: “It’s an eyesore and there are a lot of safety issues.

“It’s beyond saving and the petition has given people false hope.

“The building is in a mess.”

The Bolton News: Cllr Sean Hornby at the site of Lever Arms Pub

As the pub landlord of the Queen's  Hotel in Bradley Fold he said that he was keen to take it over but following a fire it would need a large amount of money spending on it.

Cllr Hornby has since said that he has emailed the Director of Place at Bolton Council to see if demolition can progress.

He added: “It’s gone on long enough.

“I am concerned for the safety because of the door being kicked open, meaning people can get anywhere in the building.

“It’s really dangerous.

The Bolton News:

“As a pub landlord it’s hard to say that I want this to be pulled down and it is really sad.”

Cllr Hornby also said that there also isn’t a preservation order in place.

The building on Radcliffe Road, Darcy Lever, has been empty since 2020 and is  said to  beyond repair due to repeat acts of vandalism.

Proposals have been put forward to redevelop the site into apartments and a café.

Cllr Hornby added: “The first application was withdrawn, but they have taken on board everything that planning officers said.

The Bolton News:

“There was a meeting online with planning officers to discuss the future.

“It’s on the old footprint of the current pub and some of the car park, but there are enough car parking areas.

“It’s not a massive development, and they are sympathetic to the area and may name the development after something within Darcy Lever.”

There is still an outstanding application for the demolition of the pub which is yet to be decided.

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