A crossing is a step closer to being installed outside a primary school after it was found the risk level on the road is "quite significant".

Plans to install a crossing outside St George's CE Primary School in Westhoughton are being finalised.

The headteacher of the school, on The Hoskers, described the news is "fantastic".

Cllr David Wilkinson and Cllr Deirdre McGeown say the designs are being drawn up before they will be open for public consultation in April or May.

Cllr Wilkinson said the crossing will be welcomed by parents and residents in the area as it will improve the safety of pedestrians.

He said: “After three years we are finally getting nearer to a crossing at St George’s School.

“Officers have informed me and my colleague Cllr McGeown that the plans are being finished and will be put to ward councillors this month, then for formal consultation in April or May.

“Hopefully the work will start during the summer holidays and be ready for the return of school.

“I think most parents who take their children to school will welcome the new crossing.

“The school lost its crossing patrol some time ago, at least three years ago.

“The road, although part of it has some traffic calming measures on it, we live in a world where some people ignore traffic calming and after the road was resurfaced last year, the speed bumps were reduced to comply with current government rules about speed bumps.

The Bolton News: St George's C of E Primary SchoolSt George's C of E Primary School (Image: Google Maps)

“Prior to this they were quite big and stopped people from speeding but with the culmination of the loss of a lollipop person, the road resurfacing was done but the speed bumps were 20 or 30 years old and brought down to regulations so meant people could speed.

“So, the speeding problem existed, there was no way people could cross in a controlled and safe manner so that is one of the reasons why we went for the crossing at the school, because it is on a road with bends and bends.

“The risk level was quite significant because of the road conditions that allowed people to speed.

“I’ve not seen the final details yet but as far as I am aware and me personally, I am working on the basis of a zebra crossing.

“This is a scheme which was pre Covid, got delayed by Covid and now it is working its way through the system.

“Hopefully, I have been told by engineers we will be able to tell ward members what the design is going to be and then there will be formal public consultation in April or May and if any issues arise, we will go through the executive member for Highways.

“Once everything is sorted, it will be constructed through the summer holidays, ready for when schools go back.”

Headteacher, Philip Ivory, said the news of a potential crossing is ‘fantastic’ and parents will be ‘very happy’.

He said: “We have been in over our heads for about two years now with various councillors coming down because post Covid our crossing patrol retired, and we have not had a crossing since Covid.

“And obviously there is no designated place to cross and it is a pinch area with so many cars coming up and down the road so there has been a couple of near misses so to have a crossing will regulate that traffic and stop people speeding through.

“This will help us and parents will be very happy, I have had lots of parents contact me about it and lots of residents as well.

“From a school point of view, we would be so pleased because we are cautious that something could happen one day and this is going to provide a very safe space for parents and children so they can cross the road safely.

“It will be fantastic and it will reassure our parents that children can cross safely.”

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