Brandlesholme residents had a small win today, Monday, after staging a protest that prevented telecoms workers from installing an “unwanted” mast outside their homes.  

Rollesby Close residents and neighbours from nearby streets say they “don't want and don’t need” masts that are due to be installed outside their homes.  

The small group gathered after a neighbour noticed several vans appearing on the residential close.

The mast is due to be fitted by IX Wireless.

The Bolton News: IX Wireless protest in Brandlesholme IX Wireless protest in Brandlesholme (Image: Newsquest)

Kalsoom Akhtar was one of the first to stand outside.  

She said: “When I look out my window I don't want to see that. 

"A lot of us have health concerns and we wanted this to be a communal area and eventually get planning permission to grow herbs and flowers and things like that.  

“We bought our houses without these masts and having one outside my window will decrease the value if I ever did want to sell."

The Bolton News: IX Wireless protest in Brandlesholme IX Wireless protest in Brandlesholme (Image: Newsquest)

The sit-out was staged at the site where IX Wireless was due to carry out their work and as a result, the police are said to have been called.  

The Bolton News: IX Wireless notice on Rollesby Close IX Wireless notice on Rollesby Close (Image: Newsquest)

Another resident told the Bury Times: “It is a peaceful protest but we have been told the police are coming now. 

“As far as we know the IX Wireless permit to install a mast here ends at 6pm tonight (Monday) so if that means staying here until then, we will.”  

The Bolton News: Example of one of the masts installed on Lea Gate Close, BoltonExample of one of the masts installed on Lea Gate Close, Bolton (Image: Newsquest)

IX Wireless has caused controversy across Bury and Bolton, as they are authorised to install masts without any prior consultation as long as they are a maximum height of 15m due to a planning law known as "permitted development". 

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Paula Klusiatis, who lives on Rollesby Close, came home to find neighbours protesting against IX Wireless. 

She added: "I joined in as soon as I found out and luckily, they have packed up and gone for today but they did phone the police as they have permits to work on the land we are protesting on.


The Bolton News: Paula Klusiatis and Kalsoom Akhtar as IX Wireless pack up Paula Klusiatis and Kalsoom Akhtar as IX Wireless pack up (Image: Newsquest)

"Today I also received a letter from IX Wireless informing me that a wooden pole is being put up right in the middle of my and my neighbour's house on the pavement.  

"As far as I can see, it will be right in front of my window and partly in front of my neighbour's house.

'When I asked them what they though about it, it turned out that they didn't even know because they never received the letter."


The Bolton News: IX Wireless letter IX Wireless letter (Image: Newsquest)

Dog walkers in the area stopped to join and talk to protesters, one passer-by said they found the whole development confusing.

He said: "Our electrics are underground for a reason and no-one wants these wires and masts put up outside their homes, no-one has been consulted about it either, the whole thing is undemocratic." 

The Bolton News: IX Wireless packing up for the day IX Wireless packing up for the day (Image: Newsquest)

The friendly protest ended this afternoon with IX Wireless packing up their equipment and leaving the area and police officers did not attend.

The Bolton News: Residents celebrate their win Residents celebrate their win (Image: Newsquest)

Kalsoom said: “It is a win for today, thankfully they have gone and one of the workers said they would recommend looking for another area to their manager.  

"Unfortunately, they did say that they can't promise, confirm or deny that they won't be back in the future to try and install it again." 

Speaking on the IX Wireless notices appearing through Brandlesholme, Elton Labour Cllr Charlotte Morris said: “Since notices from IX Wireless appeared in a number of locations across Brandlesholme and Elton, I have been working with residents and the council to understand more about what these plans mean for our local community.

“I have been in touch with IX Wireless who have so far refused my request to meet with myself and local residents.

"I believe they are riding roughshod over local sentiment and I would ask, once again, that they do the right thing and communicate effectively with the local community over their plans.”

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