A 10-year-old is raising money for her cousin who is slowly losing her eyesight due to a degenerative disease.

Elsie and Eloise Smith are cousins from Westhoughton, who were born just months apart.

But Elsie has Batten’s disease, a rare genetic disorder that affects the brain and nervous system, where children eventually lose their sight.

The Bolton News:

Elsie is currently losing her vision and cousin Eloise has given up chocolate and sweets for four months to help raise money for a guide dog.

Eloise said: “I love my cousin Elsie, she is really special to me.

“I hope if I can raise some of the money for her blind dog it would help her and make her happy.”

Both cousins treat each other like sisters, and Eloise is already on month three of her challenge.

Eloise’s dad, Chris Smith said: “Eloise came up with the idea when she found out about the fundraising.

“Elsie’s condition has been a slow process so we’ve never had to sit down and tell Eloise as she understands.

The Bolton News:

“They don’t see each other as often because Elise lives in Driffield but they’ll meet at family gatherings and have been on holiday together.

“Elsie and Eloise have always loved playing together since they were toddlers, from the usual playing with dolls and dressing up in princess dresses to now enjoying putting make up on together."

Last year the 10-year-old was diagnosed with the rare disease, devastating the whole family.

When Eloise announced her challenge, Chris was unsure if his daughter would last a week, but Eloise is only four weeks away from the end.

The Bolton News:

Eloise said: “It was hard when Holly, my sister has chocolate, at the school disco, and at Grandmas birthday when everyone had cake and I had an apple.”

Chris is also running London Marathon to help raise money.

He said: “She’s been absolutely relentless with it and Eloise will put any chocolates she gets into a box and this box is really growing.”

To donate, visit the Go Fund Me page. (www.gofundme.com/f/elsies-appeal)