Fans of Eurovision who weren’t able to grab a ticket to the grand final are in luck, as the event is being broadcasted live nationally.

The special occasion marks the first time Eurovision has ever been shown live in UK cinemas in 5.1 surround sound.

The move is in a bid to give everyone who missed out on tickets to watch the dazzling competition in an immersive setting and to allow them to come together and be ‘united by music’.

Organisers are encouraging fans to dress up, whether in formal or fancy dress and to not be afraid to sing along.

John Travers of CinemaLive, distributor of the event in cinemas said:“We’re delighted to be working with the BBC to bring Eurovision’s Grand Final live into cinemas across the UK for the first time ever!

“We want audiences to enjoy themselves, come along in groups, get your fancy dress on, and come together to enjoy this historic occasion on the big screen!”

How to get tickets to Eurovision live in cinemas

Eurovision will be broadcasted across 500 cinemas in the UK on Saturday, May 13.

Tickets for the viewings will be available at 10am on Monday, March 27 via the UK Cinema Party website.