Online dating is a popular way to find love and meet people you might never have come across otherwise but if you’re bored of scrolling, there’s an alternative way to meet your match.

Whether you’re outgoing or a little shy, this new way to search for love is simple and involves a ring.

Pear Ring has launched a ring that single people can wear along with their usual jewellery to highlight that they’re single.

Doing this can help a single person find another when they're spotted wearing the ring, giving them the opportunity to start a conversation and perhaps even find a connection.

TV presenter Alison Hammond was seen showing off her Pear Ring while sitting on the This Morning sofa.

Hammond showed viewers the green ring she was wearing and explained the meaning behind it.

TV presenter Alison Hammond seen sporting Pear Ring on This Morning

Showing her ring, Hammond said: “More people are wanting to meet people out and about and having a green ring might be a good idea so that people know that you're single.

“As you can see, I've got my single ring on.”

Where can you buy a Pear Ring?

The rings are available to buy online via the Pear Ring website.

Since the first release of the rings sold out, another release has been launched.

The second release of the jewellery is “ending soon” so if you’re wanting to join the social experiment, now’s the time.

The ring is described by Pear as being the “small, subtle ring that makes a big statement”.

Available in sizes XXS to XXXL, the rings cost £19.99 each and shoppers who buy one will gain exclusive access to free events in their city and an invite to pear Fest.