More people can enjoy a pleasant spot with a brook after volunteers created a pathway into the area.

Harwood Vale nests between houses and the golf course, providing access to Longsight Wood and Longsight Park.

But access to the site of biologic interest was via muddy path, which has been restored thanks to two community groups.

The team effort was carried out by Friends of Harwood & Longsight Park and Bolton Conservation Volunteers.

Chair of Friends of Harwood & Longsight Park, Jane Wilcock, says that some of the work included cutting down the brambles which had become overgrown, and sorting out a stream that had formed, preventing anyone from walking on the path.

Jane also said that although the brambles provide shelter and food for some animals, it had to be cut back to improve the footpath.

She said that the work has been such a success that that it is “good to go for 10 years”.

The main incentive to make the path accessible was to encourage more people to get involved in ‘active travel’ and helping the elderly who may struggle to get out.

She said: “We want people to come out and enjoy the space.

The Bolton News: Before and after some of the workBefore and after some of the work (Image: Public)

“We see a lot of school children using the path and they were having to go through the mud, and it was in disrepair.

“So if we improve that, we improve active travel where they are walking rather than using a car, and therefore reducing carbon emissions.”

Jane says that there are also huge benefits mentally and physically for those walking along the footpath.

She added: “It is also really good for people’s mental and physical health.

“With the aging population and some having walking sticks they were able to get out, but the path was stopping them from going on a walk.”

It is now hoped that hundreds of people will continue to use the footpath now it has been repaired, where sand and stones have now been put down.

This particular project was completely self-funded by the volunteers.

Jane added: “A lot of people had fallen over before and slipped on the footpath.

“The work that has been done is fantastic and we have had so much positive feedback.

“Seeing people use the footpath and not use cars, enjoying the beauty of Bolton and the wildlife is the best part of what I do.

“Our passion is for access for all and getting people out.”

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