Bolton North fire service have given a warning after a town centre fire last night.

A flat fire was reported on Deansgate in Bolton just before midnight which resulted in four fire engines being rushed to the scene.

Watch Manager Carl Gleaves at Bolton North fire station said: “We got turned out at 11.50pm and was at the scene until round 2am.

“We had four fire engines and a hydraulic platform.

“An aerial appliance was mobilised but wasn’t used in the end however there were reports of flames at roof level.

“The cause of the fire is still being investigated, but we have given residents in the building some advice until we get confirmation of what we suspect was the cause.”

There was a total of four flats in the property and one resident upon hearing the alarm decided to investigate and put themself at harm.

The fire service had to act quickly to prevent them from coming to harm and get them out of the flat.

Mr Gleaves said: “Without the fire service on this occasion there was no way anyone could have safely resolved the incident.

“We don’t want to tell people to do nothing because if something can be done in the early stages of a fire it can solve a lot of problems but realistically this incident wasn’t at that point.

“The message we want to give is on hearing fire alarms and discovering smoke, protect yourself and your family and get as many people out of the building as possible, call 999 and be outside when we arrive and give us as much information as you can.”

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