Only learner drivers stick to the speed limit on a main Bolton road according to neighbours who say the believe some motorists travel as fast as 80mph.

Speeding concerns focus on Plodder Lane in Farnworth and St Helens Road in Over Hulton, where the roads meet.

The speed limit for that stretch is 30mph.

However at a recent Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meeting at St Andrews Church in Over Hulton concerns were raised about the nature of the driving on the road.

One resident of the street said: “The only people who stick to the speed limit on the road are people with an L sign about their cars.

“The normal speeds are 45 to 50mph.

“We are just round the bend and cars are coming at 80 mph.

“The other day cars were overtaking coming up to the bend.

“In the last five years it has got absolutely manic.

The Bolton News: Concerns over speeding raisedConcerns over speeding raised (Image: Facebook)

Sergeant Neil Austen, from the Rumworth Neighbourhood Team, spoke about the strategies police would use to combat the problem.

He said: “Plodder Lane has been highlighted to us as an area where we have had a mobile enforcement camera.

“We will continue to do that as much as we are able.

“Will it be effective in changing it, probably not, but is that a reason not to do it, it is not.

“Our new Chief Constable Steven Watson is massive on us being on the front foot with regards to pulling people up on the roads.

Sgt Austen added: “The government has moved away from adding more fixed cameras.

“They are not as effective as they were because people learn the locations.”

Last month police carried out a speed gun check on Plodder Lane to investigate speeding and anti social driving.

Operation Portman has been running in Bolton for a number of years to crackdown on speeding motorists.

That is said to help reduce the number of serious injuries on the roads.