A Bolton farm has been named as best places to see the joys of spring - from baby lambs to baby emus.

Smithills Open Farm has been named in a list of best farms to see baby animals.

The farm is known for its baby animals, with the ‘pet corner’ full of baby lambs, calves, ducklings, piglets and more recently, baby emus.

The Bolton News:

Co-owner of the farm, Carl Grimshaw said: “This is the first we’re hearing about it, but we are very pleased to be recognised.

“One of the main reasons people like coming here is because we have so many baby animals.

“Where else can you see baby emus?”

Out of all the reviews of the farm on Trip Advisor, the term ‘baby animals’ appears 500 times.

Smithills Open Farm currently has a score of 4.5 on Trustpilot, with a total of 938 ‘excellent’ and ‘very good’ reviews.

Carl said: “It’s so popular for us, so many people want to visit them and at this time of the year, you get so many babies.

“It’s also a credit to our staff who are trained well and look after the animals.

The Bolton News:

“It’s coming to Spring and it’s starting to feel like it, and last week was tremendously busy for us.”

More baby animals are due to be born at the farm soon.

Currently, baby emus are proving to be a hit as they are new and finally ready to meet people.

Among the current babies are also alpacas, llamas, chicks and donkeys.

The Bolton News:

Previous springtime reviews for Smithills Open Farm include:

“The Pets Corner experience was amazing: bottle feeding lambs, holding the chicks and rabbits, stroking the animals as they passed.” - Liney89

"The joy of being able to see the little calves up close and bottle feed them, and the little lambs too. Holding the little baby chick made my little one smile.” – Lonelyboots Smithills Open Farm also hold demos and interactive talks that are educational for everyone.

Smithills Open Farm was named in the list  by agricultural experts Apton Plant, which examined more than 30,000 Trip Advisor reviews to crown the winners.