Calls for tougher action to be taken against youths terrorising users of a library have been made after the toilets were trashed yesterday.

The Bolton News has previously reported that Little Lever Library was forced to close early on at least one occasion because of anti-social behaviour.

Now, a local councillor and a user of the village library are demanding stronger action against the youths.

The resident, who just wants her first name, Jenny, published said on Friday afternoon the toilets were trashed with paper strewn everyone.

Previous incidents have included youths being abusive, causing disturbances, throwing chairs and using e-cigs.

Now there is call for more to be done rather than just giving the youths ‘biscuits’.

Jenny said: “It’s still going on and since the beginning of the year, I’ve sent multiple complaints and they’ve not got back to me much except that they’re looking into it.

“My daughter will not take her books back because of them and it really annoyed me.

“The old library was lovely, and you did not get this in there, but this library has been a nightmare ever since it opened.

“I went recently and there was an old man who the youths nearly sent flying as they were fighting and throwing things about.

“It’s like they have taken over that side of the library and the time someone went to talk to them, they gave them biscuits.

“How is that resolving anything?”

People are now calling for the council to take action and simply ban the young people responsible from the library.

The Bolton News: opening of Little Lever's new libraryopening of Little Lever's new library

Cllr Sean Hornby said: “I’ve had several complaints about this, and I’ve had meetings with officers and brought it up at council meetings, but they said we just need to engage with the youth more.

“I don’t agree with this, I think this softly softly approach is not working.

“It’s a public library and this group is making elderly people feel uncomfortable.

“It’s not acceptable to have chairs thrown across the room but this is what staff say is happening.”

The new library opened on the site of the Tesco Metro on Market Street less than a year ago, after the old library closed on Coronation Square and cost around £5million.

A group of youths continuing to terrorise people in a library, were given ‘biscuits’ in a failed bid to engage with them.

The number of complaints is growing everyday regarding youths at Little Lever Library.

People have experienced chair throwing, vaping, loud shouting and talking, fighting, and giving staff a hard time.

Despite this, the group have not been asked to leave and one member of the public, Jenny, explained that in an effort to engage with the youths, they were given biscuits.