I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here star Scarlette Douglas has received prayers from fans after posting a picture of herself in an MRI machine.

The star suffered a "super painful" injury after a soleus tear in her leg from Soccer Aid practice left her needing urgent medical attention.

The celebrity, who is well known for her presenting roles on shows like A Place In The Sun and Jeremy Vine, is supposed to be taking part in this year's Soccer Aid for Charity.

Luckily, the injury wasn't as severe as first thought with an operation no longer being required as was first speculated.

Scarlette Douglas thanks fans for prayers after Soccer Aid injury

Scarlette Douglas revealed the injury to fans in an Instagram post where she told users: "MRI Scan done and results are in! Firstly a big thank you to the @oryonimaging clinic and the legend physio that is Colin Lewin at the @thelewinclinic.

"Thank you everyone for your prayers, well wishes and good energy; I don’t need an operation!!!!

"Luckily, what was initially speculated to be a partial Achilles tear is actually a grade 2b soleus tear. (Grade 3 being the worst) The Soleus is the lower part of the calf muscle that attaches the main calf muscle to the Achilles. It’s super painful but with a lot of good physio, rest and the right exercises, I’ll be back in time for Soccer Aid!"

Of her role in the charity event, she added: "Remember, this is a minor setback for a major comeback, and trust me when I say no matter what, I will be fit enough to play at least do 5/10 minutes on that Old Trafford Pitch ⚽️

"Nothing will stop me!!

"Thanks again to all of you that reached out and have been thinking of me ❤️"

Previously, the star, another post, said: "If you’ve not seen my stories you won’t know that I’ve torn my left calf/achilles football training. I’ll know the extent of just how bad when I get the results from my MRI scan but until then, I’m resting as much as possible.

"The minute I felt my calf ping, like an elastic band, I took my weight off it, got home and iced it.

"Remember if you ever injure yourself RICE = Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate.

"You’ve been with me on my road to fitness, now it’s all about the road to recovery.

"As far as I’m concerned it’s a minor setback for a major comeback 💪🏾"

Scarlette Douglas appears on I'm A Celeb 2022

Scarlette appeared on the last series of I'm A Celeb in 2022 in which the TV personality came to the jungle alongside politicians like Matt Hancock, music icons like Boy George as well as sporting legend Jill Scott.

Unfortunately, Scarlette was the second contestant to be voted out of the show with Lioness Jill Scott winning.

When does I'm A Celeb South Africa start?

I'm A Celeb South Africa will be an all-star edition of the show and begin on Monday, April 24, 2023, from 9 pm on ITV1 and ITVX.