Concerns have been raised for residents after the closure of a Post Office branch.

The branch on Church Street in Ainsworth shut in January this year after the postmaster resigned.

But officials have now confirmed that the shop is not set to reopen as a full Post Office store.

A new "drop and collect" Post Office, however, is being considered for the area. 

"Local demand in the area currently is not at a level that can sustain a full service branch", the Post Office has said.

A drop and collect Post Office store allows for customers to walk in and drop off their packages, then go.

Items will then be processed and charged to a prepaid account.

Cllr Jo Lancaster, who represents Ainsworth and Radcliffe North said: “I’m very upset about it, as a resident as well.

The Bolton News: Ainsworth Post Office on Church StreetAinsworth Post Office on Church Street (Image: Google Maps)

“It’s a very well used Post Office, there are a lot of elderly people in the area that can’t get to the other Post Office.

“Residents are helping other residents to get to Mile Lane Post Office, driving them down there.

"When you’d go past, it was mainly elderly people who would be queuing up outside.

“That was their routine, to get out the house and have a little stroll.”

Cllr Lancaster says the store it is currently up for sale, having spoken to the agency who have it listed.

A Post Office spokesperson said: “Ainsworth Post Office closed in January due to the resignation of the postmaster. 

The Bolton News: Jo Lancaster, councillor for Ainsworth and Radcliffe NorthJo Lancaster, councillor for Ainsworth and Radcliffe North (Image: Public)

“There are alternative Post Offices at Mile Lane and Ainsworth Road, within 1.5 miles, that have capacity to serve additional customers.

“Post Office is facing a particularly challenging period, as are other high street retailers.”

They added: “The impact of rising costs, inflation and reduced government funding mean that Post Office must ensure its limited resources benefit the most customers across the country, and that the network remains sustainable. 

“Unfortunately, local demand in the area currently is not at a level that can sustain a full service branch and we will therefore not be replacing this branch, at this time. 

“We are however looking to introduce a new type of Post Office branch in the area – called Drop & Collect, for parcel services.”