The council says traffic calming measures will not stop people who are "determined to drive irresponsibly" after another crash at a property in Bromley Cross.

A car drove into the wall of a home on Haydock Lane at 3am on Friday.

The incident was the sixth time in 17 years that the wall of the home on the corner has been damaged by a vehicle.

The road is located near a bend in the road where Hospital Road, Kibble Brow and Haydock Lane meet.

One of the previous crashes at the property took place in February last year and landed in the garden.

The Bolton News:

Owner Jannette Brown reiterated previous calls for the council to take action on the matter.

She said: "It is the sixth time in 17 years that this has happened.

"They come around the bend and they don't know the road.

"The council says crash barriers are too expensive but I have looked online and they are £20.

"It's time the council listened to us and put some kind of traffic calming in place.

"Last time, they drew a few white lines on the road. And guess what? It didn't stop it happening again."

But in response, the council said calming measures will have limited impact.

A spokesperson for the local authority said: “We are aware of a recent crash on Haydock Lane and understand the concern that incidents like this can cause the local community.

“Over the years, several traffic calming measures have been suggested for this area, but these must be considered alongside feasibility and budget constraints.

“It would be difficult to install a crash barrier at this point even if funding was available.

“Unfortunately, traffic calming won’t stop people who are determined to drive irresponsibly.

“While we do not have the background details into this incident, if dangerous driving or speeding are factors, then they are a police matter.”