Ukrainians in Bolton celebrated International Mother’s Day on  Sunday with lots of homemade delights.

It was the first Mother's Day the women have been out of Ukraine and separated from their husbands and families.

While the event at Bolton Ukrainian Social Club on Castle Street was emotional, they managed to enjoy each other's company.

A delightful spread was prepared with some of the women bringing homemade baked cakes.

Their children have since formed a bond which will continue even if, and when they return home.

Each mother and grandmother were also given a red rose with blue and yellow ribbons to symbolise the Ukrainian flag colours.

More than 110 Ukrainian women have given their lives defending Ukraine, and so this event was also held to honour these women and those affected by the war.

The Bolton News:

International Mother’s Day which is celebrated by more than 40 countries and is typically held on the second Sunday in May.

The Ukrainian community in Bolton also celebrated the country's embroidery day in the town centre on Saturday, where people wore embroidered blouses and shirts.

It is recognised as the most iconic symbol in the Ukrainian culture and is believed to be used as a talisman to protect the person who wears it and for people to open up and tell a story.

Thursday, May 18 is the country's official embroidery day, but the celebration was brought forward to Saturday so more people could gather for the event.

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