A road which has been the scene of a number of crashes in recent weeks and months will be 'looked at' to see if it can be made safer to prevent such incidents.

Moss Bank Way has been shut a number of times this year alone due to crashes, some involving cars and pedestrians.

Now ward councillor, Hilary Fairclough, says the road will be looked at after the most recent collision on Tuesday where a girl was taken to hospital with leg injuries at the crossing at Moss Bank Park.

In March calls were also made for a “full enquiry” after a young girl was injured on Moss Bank Way.

Cllr Fairclough said the speed limit on the road in particular will be looked at, due to it changing  from 40 mph on Moss Bank Way to 30mph before coming on to Crompton Way, and then back to 40mph again.

The speed limit also changes from 30mph on Crompton Way to 40mph on Moss Bank Way and then back to 30mph again.

The Bolton News: Where Moss Bank Way and Crompton Way meetWhere Moss Bank Way and Crompton Way meet (Image: Newsquest)

She said: “I will be looking at what we can do to try and prevent this happening, speaking to officers, residents and parents and see where we go.

“I will look at all possibilities and still think there is scope to look at changing the speed limit because it is confusing.

“I would support it going back to 30mph all the way along to the lights on Moss Bank Way.”

Following the incident in March a girl had to be airlifted to hospital with serious injuries, and Cllr Fairclough was keen for a full investigation to take place into the accident and how similar incidents could be prevented in future.

Cllr Fairclough said that concerns over the road have included included inappropriate parking, as well as speeding issues. Over the years, police have reported clocking drivers travelling above the limit

There have also been a number of crashes on Blackburn Road, where Crompton Way and Moss Bank Way meet.

On Tuesday there was also a crash on Blackburn Road, involving a bus and multiple vehicles, but no reported injuries.

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