With the sun sitting high in the sky, an hour-by-hour forecast shows Bolton to be enjoying a weekend of perfect summer temperatures.

Even Portugal is not as hot as Bolton this weekend so get out the barbecues and ice-cold drinks to sit back and relax in the heat.

The MET Office forecasts highs of 19 degrees today with not a cloud in sight after this morning.

There is a light breeze in the air with plenty of sunshine to last all evening.

Sunday will see a slight increase in temperature to 20 degrees, with sunny spells throughout the day.

The Bolton News: Queens Park

Here is an hour by hour forecast for Bolton:

Saturday, May 20

  • 11am: Sunny, 15°C. 5mph winds
  • 12pm: Sunny. 17°C. 5mph winds
  • 1pm: Sunny. 18°C. 6mph winds
  • 2pm: Sunny. 18°C. 6mph winds
  • 3pm: Sunny. 19°C. 7mph winds
  • 4pm: Sunny. 19°C. 6mph winds
  • 5pm: Sunny. 19°C. 6mph winds
  • 6pm: Sunny. 19°C. 7mph winds
  • 7pm: Sunny. 18°C. 9mph winds
  • 8pm: Sunny. 17°C. 9mph winds
  • 9pm: Sunny. 15°C. 7mph winds
  • 10pm: Clear night. 13°C. 6mph winds
  • 11pm: Partly cloudy night. 13°C. 6mph winds


  • 12am: Partly cloudy night. 12°C. 6mph winds
  • 1am: Partly cloudy night. 11°C. 5mph winds
  • 2am: Partly cloudy night. 11°C. 5mph winds
  • 3am: Clear sky. 10°C. 4mph winds
  • 4am: Partly cloudy night. 10°C. 4mph winds
  • 5am: Clear sky. 10°C. 3mph winds
  • 6am: Sunny intervals. 10°C. 4mph winds
  • 7am: Cloudy. 11°C. 7mph winds
  • 8am: Cloudy. 12°C. 4mph winds
  • 9am: Sunny intervals. 14°C. 3mph winds
  • 10am: Sunny intervals. 15°C. 3mph winds
  • 11am: Sunny intervals. 16°C. 3mph winds
  • 12pm: Sunny. 17°C. 3mph winds
  • 1pm: Sunny. 18°C. 4mph winds
  • 2pm: Sunny. 19°C. 5mph winds
  • 3pm: Sunny. 20°C. 5mph winds
  • 4pm: Sunny intervals. 20°C. 7mph winds
  • 5pm: Sunny. 20°C. 8mph winds
  • 6pm: Sunny. 19°C. 7mph winds
  • 7pm: Sunny. 18°C. 6mph winds
  • 8pm: Sunny. 18°C. 5mph winds
  • 9pm: Sunny. 17°C. 6mph winds
  • 10pm: Clear sky. 15°C. 7mph winds
  • 11pm: Clear sky. 14 C. 6mph winds