Neighbours will be able to catch people speeding down their street as the Community Speed Watch scheme gets underway in Bolton.

The scheme was first put forward in 2021 and now volunteers are been recruited to lead the initiative to make the roads around town safer.

Under the project, groups of volunteers will be given their own speed guns after a massive increase in complaints about reckless motorists driving too fast on residential roads.

The plans were initially met with reluctance by Greater Manchester Police but it was thought under the then Deputy Mayor it would provide a greater community focus on policing.

Community speedwatch teams are made up of local residents who team up with the police to record and pass on details of vehicles breaking the speed limit using the hi-tech devices, provide the proof.

Motorists caught exceeding the speed limit are sent a letter explaining the risks they putting people at.

Repeat offenders would receive a visit from the police and enforcement and criminal prosecution could follow based on the collated evidence.

The Bolton News: Residents will be able to help make their roads saferResidents will be able to help make their roads safer

Volunteers are needed to patrol Bradford Road, Mount Pleasant Road and Lavender Road, Farnworth.

The volunteering role will be on a permanent contract, with the application asking volunteers to work for the force four to six hours per month.

Cllr Rabiya Jiva, Bolton Council cabinet lead for Stronger Communities, Policing and VCS said, “it will definitely make a big difference”.

The Community Speed Watch Scheme is designed to engage local members of the community to volunteer in policing and be actively involved in monitoring the speed of vehicles travelling through their neighbourhood, in areas where speeding has been identified as a priority.

Within this role residents will assist the Safer transport Unit, Citizens in Policing team and local neighbourhood teams to shape and develop a cohesive and effective community Speed Watch scheme.

Small teams of volunteers will be provided with speed detection devices, high visibility jackets and training in order to monitor the speed of vehicles and submit these details to the police, who then issue advisory letters to vehicle owners and then potentially undertake enforcement activities.

The aim of the scheme is to work in partnership with the community to target speed related offending in circumstances that are necessary, justifiable and proportionate, in order to reduce death and injury on the roads, reduce the speed of vehicles to the speed limit, increase public awareness of inappropriate speed and improve the quality of life for local communities.

The scheme is not designed to catch as many speeders as possible but to reduce speeds in areas of concern and to make drivers aware that excessive speed within posted limits is socially unacceptable.

Cllr Jiva said: “Speed is a significant concern and issue discussed on a regular basis at meetings and regular engagement with residents and the community and it is one that seems to need some form of support around.

“We are urging volunteers in the current situation whereby speeding is a big toll to all come together as a community and put volunteering time into supporting Greater Manchester around this.

“It will definitely make a big difference.

"The individuals who are committing this crime will be made aware that their speeding is not just impacting them because if they were involved in a serious collision, it’s an incident for them but it also the wider community that they are impacting too.

“I think the visibility and having the awareness that Bolton are taking a stance against this will make drivers think twice and be responsible behind the wheel.”

If residents are interested in the position they can go to: or contact the recruitment team at

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