Work to install a crossing outside a school after the lollipop lady retired has been delayed -again.

A zebra crossing was due to be installed outside Mytham Primary School in Little Lever this month after it was originally delayed from September last year.

However, the installation has again been delayed with works now set to take place in September.

Cllr Andrea Taylor Burke said the works have been delayed due to a ‘number of reasons some out of the council’s control’  - but the priority remains the safety of children.

She said: “I asked for the crossing to be installed as the lollypop lady retired, and the position was not being filled due to council cutbacks.

“The discussions happened at the beginning of last year maybe slightly before.

“It was given the okay by highways, and I was told it would be installed before last September.

“There was a further delay due to a number of reasons some out of the council’s control, so they then advised me it would be done April or May at the latest.

“Unfortunately, things happen like this as other projects come up or timescales get moved.

“It's frustrating as a councillor as we cannot control the council teams and officers.

“Yet when things aren't done when we say they will, we are the ones blamed for it.

“I get as frustrated as the residents as I'm a resident too.

“Also, I update the residents with information I am given and when it fails to happen, I look like I've not told the truth, which is really upsetting.

“My concerns are the safety of the children.

“At school times Mytham Road is very busy, and the speed some vehicles travel is scary.

“The bend in the road does create an area where visibility is limited.

“I just hope an accident doesn't happen whilst we wait for the installation.

“I have asked residents, parents, and the school staff to take extra care around school times when crossing and driving.

“We have been given the summer as an installation date due to it being out of school term and will create less issues for traffic etc.

“I will be following this throughout and making sure it happens as soon as possible.”

The zebra crossing is set to be installed before the start of the school term in September.

A spokesperson for Bolton Council said:"Council officers first met ward councillors on site in June 2022 to discuss the potential of a scheme and to develop the zebra crossing proposal.

“Our capital programme, which was approved in September 2022, includes funding to construct a zebra crossing at this location, and at eight others across the borough.

“Since that time, the council has developed proposals, produced designs, and consulted on these nine locations.

“Given that all the locations are near schools, we intend to construct the crossings over the forthcoming summer holidays.”

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