A soap star is supporting a charity ball in Manchester to support pregnant mums with cancer.

Coronation Star Katie McGlynn became a patron for the Mummys Star, a charity that supports families who are pregnant through life threatening illnesses.

Katie became involved when her character Sinead Tinker in the ITV drama was in a storyline where she was pregnant with a baby while being diagnosed with cancer.

Although Katie herself will not be in attendance at the Mummys Star Charity Ball in Manchester due to work commitments, she has spoken about how important the event is and encourages people to attend.

She said: “Pete was heavily involved at the time, and I met so many inspirational women, some who are no longer here today.

The Bolton News: Katie McGlynn as Sinead Tinker and Rob Mallard as Daniel Osbourne in Coronation Street

“It made me feel grateful that we did the storyline to raise that awareness.

“It’s a subject that nobody really talks about, I did not even know you could get cancer while pregnant.”

Katie’s character decided to keep her baby against doctors’ advice.

She said: “So many women go through this in real life, and I wanted to focus on the situation and how awful it is for them but how strong they are.

“You would not believe what they have been through, and I didn’t realise that I would not have been able to see the baby after giving birth.

“A mum told me her experience and it really helped me understand.”

Katie wants to highlight the work Mummys Star do to help women and their families through the time.

The charity helps families with any essential shopping, organising days out, and understanding any kind of news.

Katie said: “Having a baby is hard enough, but when ill it can be a struggle to deal with.

“It’s amazing how strong women can be, and it makes me think about my own health as well.

“I want the charity to be highlighted because of the support they give mums, it really is amazing.

“People should go to the charity ball to learn about how they help families, because it truly is something that people should know more about.”

The Mummy’s Star Charity Ball will take place at the Kimpton Clocktower Hotel in Manchester on Saturday, June 17, marking the organisation's 10-year anniversary.

For more information and to book tickets click here (www.tickettailor.com/events/mummysstar/781945).