New food hygiene ratings have been awarded to two of Bolton’s takeaways, the Food Standards Agency’s website shows - and one has risen from a two to a five.

Bill & Coo Ltd, at 2-4 The Hillock, Longsight, Bolton was handed a five-out-of-five rating after assessment on May 31.

The eatery was previously rated a two out of five on April 20, but owners stated the eatery was set for a rescore and issued this statement.

A spokesperson for the eatery shared a comment on the Food Standards Agency’s website, which said: “Bill and Coo’s application for a rescore is already ongoing and will more accurately reflect the current changes that new management has put in place, since this inspection.

“The kitchen is undergoing renovation, including upgrading, and replacing equipment, altering the kitchen layout to ensure efficiency and completing minor changes to wall surfaces.

“Cleaning and paperwork schedules have been immediately rewritten and followed to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and deep cleaning.

“A new and experienced staff and management team have been employed to ensure that operations are more clean, organised, and consistent.

“All recommendations for our previous food hygiene score of 4/5 have been upheld and the business and Bill and Coo has immediately acted upon this most recent advice.

“Newly considered roles and responsibilities within the business have significantly improved standards and this will continue.”

The eatery has now been awarded a five rating and the inspection report states it is good in all areas of hygienic food handling, cleanliness and condition of facilities and building and the management of food safety.

Crunchyz Chicken and Pizza, at 216 Deane Road, Bolton was given also given a new score.

The eatery was handed three out of five rating on April 28.

The inspection report states the hygienic food handling was good whilst the cleanliness and condition of facilities and building and the management of food safety are generally satisfactory.

It means that of Bolton's 369 takeaways with ratings, 142 (38 per cent) have ratings of five and just five have zero ratings.

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