Coronation Street star Peter Ash who plays the role of Paul Foreman says it’s been “quite emotional” to film some scenes during his character’s motor neurone disease (MND) storyline.

In an earlier episode, the character first realised he was unwell after being knocked from a motorbike when the Underworld van crashed into him.

The ITV soap actor recently said he and his other Corrie castmates met up with Leeds Rhinos legend Rob Burrow who was diagnosed with MND in 2019 – this was to help Peter portray the storyline.

On this particular day, Peter was also filming scenes with his on-screen partner Billy Mayhew (Daniel Brocklebank) which is when he first found out about Paul’s diagnosis.

Speaking to The Metro, Peter said: “It was quite emotional to film those scenes, especially as we had just met Rob Burrow that afternoon during lunch break.

“Jane, who plays Bernie, was saying that she was waiting behind the set to come on and just listening to the scene was making her emotional.

“Of course in the scene she doesn’t know yet, so she was saying she had to close her ears and think of something else. It’s just a beautifully-written scene as well so it was emotional.”

How have Corrie fans reacted to Paul Foreman’s MND diagnosis?

Commenting on the ITV viewer's reaction to Paul’s upsetting diagnosis, he said: “People have been lovely saying they don’t want me to go and stuff like that. I really appreciate that, Corrie fans are amazing it’s great.

“Everyone’s been amazing, it’s been quite overwhelming. To get messages from people who have lost loved ones and who are currently living with loved ones who have MND it really is something. I appreciate all the kind responses we’ve had so far.’

Peter also spoke about how he has begun to alter the way he films as his character due to the progressive symptoms of MND.

He explained: “In scenes I have to be consciously aware I’m not using my hand in certain situations so as you’ve probably noticed I have it in my pocket a lot, A) so I’m not tempted to use it on set but B) because Paul is trying to hide it so it’s the best place to put it in his pocket.

“Now that he has the foot drop symptom that’s hard to hide so that’s why he’s not wanting to go to the wedding [Gemma's]. It’s another layer of things to think about the technical side rather than the emotional side of the acting.”

You can find more information and advice about MND on the NHS website and the Motor Neurone Disease Association website.