“A fantasy feat of a lifetime” is what P!NK promised fans before she embarked on her world tour.

And she delivered, writes Chloe Wilson.

The opening night of her world tour kicked off at the University of Bolton Stadium, where she will be performing again tonight, lived up to-if not exceeded- all expectations, as P!NK wowed concert-goers with her kindness, humour and her phenomenal singing voice.

The Script set the scene and asked the audience if they were ready for the ‘incredible’ and ‘electrifying’ P!NK and now after seeing her live in concert, she definitely lives up to both of those descriptions.

The Bolton News: P!NK wowed fansP!NK wowed fans (Image: Henry Lisowski)

P!NK began the evening up in the sky sat in between a pair of lips, dressed in a glittery and sequined outfit with platform boots - and of course she wore a pop of pink in the form of eyeshadow.

What a night this was, from listening to P!NK’s tracks as a child and through my teens I never expected her voice to be even more beautiful in person.

Her ability to win the crowd over and bring a stadium together is unmatched.

The whole stage and theme of the tour encapsulates summer - it was such a feel-good vibe in the stadium, and you could tell everyone was there for a good time.

There were smiles all round, well thought out staging and so many amazing costume changes for the rockstar.

The choreography, lighting and costume was all beautifully put together for an emotional, heart-warming, inspiring and engaging performance.

Throughout the gig, P!NK sang some of her classics including Beautiful Trauma, Just Give Me A Reason and Raise your Glass as well as showcasing her new tracks including Trustfall and Never Gonna Not Dance Again.

The Bolton News: Night of excitementNight of excitement (Image: NQ - Chloe Wilson)

During the well-loved track, Cover Me in Sunshine, a special surprise guest wowed the audience, leaving emotions running high.

The ending of the concert was phenomenal, no spoilers to be shared for those visiting tomorrow but the acrobatic performances were incredible throughout the whole show with everyone screaming, singing and smiling from ear to ear, an atmosphere that is unforgettable.

Speaking to fans at the start of her show, P!NK said she was honoured to be in their company and couldn’t stop ‘smiling ear to ear’.

She said: “I haven’t talked to people in so long, so much has happened, we have been through so much, haven’t we?

“I freaking love you.

“I am so happy and every single person on this stage and behind its cheeks hurt from smiling to be here with you.

“It is my honour to be here with you all.”

She then said thank you more than a dozen times to all her fans for being at the stadium to see her again.

P!NK sang a total of 23 songs with fans not once taking a break from singing along with her.

A great night and a great start to the Summer Carnival Tour 2023 here in Bolton!