A school has been recognised for the amazing work it does in supporting its children and families through the ‘Six Principles of Nurture’.

The whole school community at St John’s School in Kearsley has worked to ensure the principles are embedded and lived daily by all.

The school has been on an ‘epic journey’ and ‘knowing they needed to do something very different’ to support the needs of the children, their families, and the community.

The importance of nurture was also recognised in the school’s latest Ofsted Inspection in June 2022 – where the school was judged consistently ‘good’ again in all areas.

The Bolton News: Nurture Award

Headteacher, Suzanne Howard said: “We are thrilled to announce that after three years of working towards accreditation we have completed our assessment day and have passed with flying colours – it’s safe to say St John’s will be a nurture beacon for Bolton.”

The six principles are - development, a classroom as a safe base, the importance of nurture for development, language as a communication tool, all behaviour is communication, and the importance of transitions in children’s lives.

The school now hopes to take ‘nurture’ out into the wider school community and support other schools who may want to start their transformational nurture journey.

Nurture UK has now asked St John’s Kearsley to apply to become an Ambassador School for Nurture.