More cars in Westhoughton have been trashed as this time thieves struck.

It comes only weeks after vandals targeted cars in the town which were parked in a car park behind Aldi.

Amber Corless parked at the Westhoughton Pavilion Square car park from Saturday to Monday as she attended the music festival Parklife in Prestwich when she returned to find her car had been broken into.

The cars had their passenger windows smashed with glass shattering all over the seats.

One car had air pods stolen from it and belongings strewn across the floors.

Something similar happened at the car park behind Aldi in May when several cars were targeted, with one car written off after extensive damage.

The Bolton News: Car vandalised

Police stepped up patrols in the Westhoughton area after the first bout of incidents and there were calls for enhanced CCTV coverage, and six arrests were made.

Amber said: “Everything was everywhere, and my things were outside the car.

“My air pods were stolen and other things like an e-cig liquid, and my sunglasses were snapped and thrown.

Police were called to the scene to investigate.

Amber said: “I called police, and they sent a team who came to get fingerprints but thunderstorms washed them away so they could not do anything.”

Amber had been enjoying her weekend at Parklife at Heaton Park and arrived with a friend back to the car park.

She said: “I was stupid to park there and when I saw glass on the floor, I hoped my car windows had not been smashed.

The Bolton News: Car vandalised

“I did not know what to think, I can’t even describe it, it’s just devastating.

“I don’t think there is any CCTV there either.”

Amber is now being forced to pay the costs of getting new windows.

Cllr David Wilkinson is sympathetic to those who have had their cars broken into and said that a town council meeting had discussed introducing cameras to cover the whole area.

He said: “The police dealt with the first incidents quickly are doing as much as they can to find any evidence to find out who has carried this out.

“In the last council meeting the CCTV was discussed and we will work with Bolton Council who own the car park to look at expanding the reach of the CCTV to include the car park.

“There is CCTV but it covers Market Street going off the original scheme.”