Councillors have been knocking on doors in Great Lever to raise awareness with residents about the problem that fly-tipping causes.

Martin Davey, who lives in the area, says that the community has been blighted by the problem for years.

His main concerns are that once rubbish has been picked up by the council that more waste is being dumped a few days later, and that there is not enough awareness around the issue.

Great Lever Cllr Karen Hon says she and other councillors have recently been visiting residents on High Street and Roxalina Street to inform neighbours about the problem.

Last week, Martin said rubbish was picked up from Alder Street in Great Lever after another pile of rubbish had only been collected the week before.

Martin said: “It’s just absolutely disgraceful.

“Four people reported this.

“The council come and pick it up and two days later it’s full again.

“I am sick of reporting it."

Martin's main concern is that there are children playing out who are jumping in the rubbish and picking items up.

He added: “It’s dangerous because anybody could set fire to it.

“It’s been going on for a good few years.”

Cllr Hon says as well as speaking to residents, councillors have handed out leaflets, and sharing information on social media.

She said: “We need to get people in different areas to manage problems and know we all have a role to play.

The Bolton News: More than 200 bags of fly-tipped rubbish were recovered by Bolton Council officers in Great Lever recentlyMore than 200 bags of fly-tipped rubbish were recovered by Bolton Council officers in Great Lever recently (Image: Bolton Council)

“Great Holme (an area of Great Lever) has a new deal with Bolton at Home, which is not only helping tenants, but giving us another avenue for us to get the information out there and do it in multiple ways, because a leaflet on its own doesn’t always work.”

Cllr Hon also says that on one occasion in Halliwell, councillors found a fridge that had been dumped, but after talking to the resident they did not realise that the person collecting scrap metal would not come and collect it.

She added: “It’s about those conversations and getting it out there.

“It’s not just with us as a Labour party, but through PACT meetings and community groups.

“Great Lever Litter Picking and Lever Edge Lane Litter Pickers who collect rubbish, not just litter, they are getting larger objects reported to the council and getting it collected.

“They bring rubbish to accessible areas for us, and clear pathways and hedges.”

“If it wasn’t for the volunteers doing the work, our town would be in a state.”

In recent weeks, council officers have been called to land behind Crescent Road in Great Lever where they carried out the operations.

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