A new scheme is aiming to help create a safe space amid Bolton’s busiest night spot and help people get home safely.

The NightOwl scheme has been launched by the FW Industries Group, which runs the Bamboogy and Kahiki bars on Bradshawgate, and involved staff indentifying a safe waiting area for people wanting to get home after nights out.

The scheme's first weekend has already been a great success, with three people who were potentially vulnerable given water and toast before they were helped home. 

Director Tim Wetjen said: “At a time when the police have launched a number of operations aimed at addressing crime in the town centre, we feel that we are also able to contribute to the change of narrative, which is how the NightOwl scheme has come into being.”

He added: “The scheme will see a partnership between our two latest venues Bamboogy and Kahiki to provide a safe place for vulnerable people to wait before getting a taxi safely home.

The Bolton News: NightOwls is aimed at making nights out in Bolton safer and more enjoyableNightOwls is aimed at making nights out in Bolton safer and more enjoyable (Image: FW Industries)

“Our staff are undergoing training on how to identify vulnerable people and those in need of a helping hand.

“We intend for the scheme to protect vulnerable women, particularly those who have become separated from groups and are alone and people who have found themselves a bit worse for wear and need a hand getting a taxi.”

If revellers want to use the scheme to get home, they simply need to ask a member of staff at Bamboogy or Kahiki for "the NightOwls" and they will be taken to a safe place to wait while staff arrange a taxi home for them.

The Bolton News: The scheme is being run by staff at the Kahiki and Bamboogy barsThe scheme is being run by staff at the Kahiki and Bamboogy bars (Image: Newsquest)

Mr Wetjen and his staff hope that their efforts can help promote a more positive perception of Bradshawgate, particularly after recent high profile criminal cases associated with the area.

Recently, Bolton Council has put forward a public survey for a “late night levy” which would ask venues to pay a small charge to sell or supply alcohol between 3am and 6am.

This money would then be used to fund the police and council’s efforts to deal with crime and anti-social behaviour.

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But Mr Wetjen hopes that his company’s scheme for improving safety for late night revellers also help boost the town centre’s night-time economy.

He explained that as well as bar staff, security professionals will also be on hand to help people making their way home.

Mr Wetjen said: “Once identified these people will have an area to wait after the venue has closed and will be offered water and toast to help them sober up whilst our staff arrange them transport home.

“The area will be manned by an SIA security person as well to make sure these people are watched over properly.”