TV presenter Paddy McGuinness admits he is easily pleased after  expressing his delight at finding a petrol station North West which had protective gloves attached to the pumps.

The Bolton comedian and TV presenter posted the picture said petrol pump to his £2million followers.

He captioned it: “YES!!!! At last, the aimless wandering around Petrol station forecourt bins is over. PS I’m easily pleased.”

Fans in the comments seemed amused by Paddy’s reaction, with some saying they already had this for years.

One user said: “Where have you been, they’ve been around ages.”

Some people said Paddy was lucky he found any.

A user said: “Usually empty though. Door pockets rammed with ones when you find a forecourt with a good stock, there’s your answer.”

Paddy looked to be at a BP forecourt in the North West.

The funnyman recently returned from his stint in the Soccer Aid 2023 game where he played alongside the likes of Tommy Fury and Gary Neville.

Paddy posted a sweet Father’s Day picture a day before to show people the cute cards his children drew for him.

The Bolton News:

With a picture of each card, he captioned it: “Absolutely buzzing! My children all drew things I like. Not sure if my son did me playing golf or some’t else? Either way I like it!

“Thank you, Leo, Penelope and Felicity. Daddy loves you, his cards and present.

“Felicity did me a blue heart because I told her it’s one of my favourite colours and Penelope drew me the Top Gear logo. Big up to all the Fart-hers out there.”