A father from Bolton who suffered multiple assaults died aged 36 following an epileptic seizure, an inquest heard.

Gareth Jones was found dead at his home on Howerton Street in Halliwell on February 11, 2019.

At an inquest into his death, Bolton Coroners Court heard how Mr Jones had been diagnosed with epilepsy following an attack in a pub in Breightmet in 2002.

He suffered from epileptic seizures until his death, usually suffering them when he was tired.

Speaking after the inquest, his ex-wife, Emma Williamson, said: "He just loved his family and his children."

Lisa Booth, Mr Jones' partner at the time of his death, told the inquest he had been a labourer and that they lived together.

He was born in Bolton and had three sisters and a brother. After leaving Sharples School, he achieved an NVQ in child care and youth work.

Ms Booth told the inquest how, on February 10, 2019, she and Mr Jones spent the day watching television together. He had two seizures during the day.

Addressing Ms Booth, Coroner Prof Dr Alan Walsh said: "You said it wasn't the worst but when it stopped, he went to bed."

The following day, she got a call from Mr Jones' mother, Veronica Booth, who was concerned about him as he would usually ride his bike to her house.

Coroner Walsh continued: "When you got the telephone call you decided to go upstairs, and that's when you found Gareth."

He was lying on his front in bed, unresponsive. Lisa Booth called paramedics, who pronounced him dead at the scene.

Dr Patrick Waugh, a pathologist at Royal Bolton Hospital, gave Mr Jones' medical cause of death as an epileptic seizure.

The coroner considered the impact of five incidents that he suffered on his epilepsy.

Detective Inspector Damian Threader spoke of the five incidents, which had been reported to Greater Manchester Police.

The first incident was reported to police on December 18, 2001, believed to have happened on December 9 that year in Bury town centre.

Mr Jones was 'approached from behind by two males who struck him on the head'. He was left with a cut to the head that required four stitches and a chipped front tooth that required hospital treatment.

DI Threader confirmed that the men who assaulted him weren't known and weren't tracked.

The second was in the Mosley Arms pub on Red Lane in Breightmet on March 1, 2002.  Veronica Booth, Mr Jones' mother, told the inquest of the assault.

She said: "He was out with Gemma (Lomax, his ex-partner), her nan, granddad and brother at the time.

"Gareth went to go to the toilet and this lad followed him, apparently his girlfriend had told him that Gareth touched her leg.

"He smashed his head into the sink. He came out with blood all over his head and the girlfriend said it was 'the wrong Gaz.'"

DI Threader said: "I believe his (Gareth's) view was the suspect was known to him, they made up after the incident and he wouldn't support further investigation."

The third incident took place on January 22, 2005 at The City in Eskrick Street in Halliwell.

"He was punched in the head and fell to the floor. He was struck by a secondary man who struck him with a wooden chair leg."

The crime was assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

DI Threader said: "My understanding is one of the offenders was convicted and received a custodial sentence at a young offender's institution."

Mr Jones was left with a fractured cheekbone and a broken nose.

The fourth incident took place in 2008 at Bolton Castle on the junction of Tonge Moor Road and Crompton Way.

DI Threader said: "This was a further report for assault that resulted in a cut to the neck and cuts to the right hand side of the forehead and a cut above the left eye."

It was another offence of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

He said: "More than one offender approached the victim, who they accused of laughing at someone they knew.

"They hit him with a pint glass and stamped on him. There was a six-inch cut to his neck."

Two suspects were remanded into custody and pleaded guilty to a lower offence, wounding.

The fifth incident took place in 2010, at a children's playground off Nottingham Drive in Halliwell, also recorded as assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

DI Threader said: "The victim was in a children's play area and became engaged in a verbal altercation with six black male youths.

"One hit him in the face, then a second hit him across the back with a branch. A third used a piece of concrete and struck the victim over the head with it."

He was left with lacerations to the top of his head and required stitches. No one was prosecuted for the assault.

The coroner concluded that it couldn't be determined what impact the assaults could have had on Mr Jones' epilepsy.

Coroner Walsh gave a narrative conclusion into his death.

He said: "Gareth Alan Jones died as a consequence of an epileptic seizure. The cause of the epileptic seizure is unclear, even on the balance of probabilities."

Coroner Walsh also accepted Dr Waugh's medical cause of death.

He added: "Gareth, at the age of 36, had an interesting life, a life full of incident and a life where he had friendships and relationships and a family who wanted to help him.

"From the time of that first seizure in 2002, he had a hard life. To have seizures, sometimes up to 11 a day, is just unimaginable.

"For him it was difficult and for those who saw it, it was difficult. He had an incident ridden life. My greatest sadness goes to those who are left.

"He had one stepchild and one natural child. You told me his sons were 19 and 24. I am always saddened for that generation who no longer have a father."

Coroner Walsh also apologised for how long the inquest had taken to happen, with Mr Jones having died more than four years ago in 2019.