A young man from Bolton who died had a ‘very, very rare’ manifestation of a disease.

Cameron ‘Cam’ Duxbury died aged 20 in October 2020.

An inquest is taking place into his death.

Day one of the inquest heard that Cameron died of multiple organ failure due to ulcerative colitis (also known as a type of inflammatory bowel disease), due to systemic manifestations of vasculitis.

On day two evidence was given into the conditions Mr Duxbury suffered with.

A medical expert told the inquest how him suffering with pyoderma (a bacterial skin infection) on his lung was ‘something they had never heard of in their career’.

Suzanne Tattersall, a nurse at Royal Bolton who has specialised in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) since 2005, said: “I speak probably for my colleagues that we are absolutely agonised over this. We know there are extra intestinal manifestations of IBD that affect parts of the body, particularly the skin.

“I know on the postmortem findings there was pyoderma. I had never, ever heard of that on a lung before. I know you can get pyoderma on the body, on the skin.

“I can only think of two patients, one had Crohn’s disease and it affected her shins, which is a place it usually affects.

“The other patient had it around the abdomen, which is a usual pyoderma presentation.”

She continued: “It is something I have never heard of on the lungs in my career.

“It’s very, very rare in the IBD world, basically.”

Ms Tattersall, who is a family friend of Mr Duxbury's, paid tribute to him during the hearing.

She said: "I knew he was a nice lad and he came from a good family. 

"I used to see him at the gym, he was 18 or 19. He was impressive in the gym, lifting heavy weights and he was a fit young lad. 

"The first time I spoke to him was in hospital."

His father, Nigel, contacted Ms Tattersall, asking if she would be able to visit him as the family could not due to Covid lockdown. 

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She spoke about how Mr Duxbury was when she visited him: "I'm not sure how long Cameron had been in hospital, but he had not had a visit from his parents or anybody." 

She told the inquest how he was "chatty", recognised her and was "pleasant".

The inquest continues.