While you might think you know Bolton like the back of your hand, have you visited all the places and done all the things it has to offer?

If you’ve ever wondered what things you should do in Bolton, look no further.

We asked Chat GPT to come up with a bucket list of things to do and see in Bolton and this is what it said.

15 bucket list experiences you must do in Bolton according to Chat GPT

Visit Bolton Museum and Art Gallery

Chat GPT recommends a trip to Bolton Museum and Art Gallery where you can explore the diverse collections of art, archaeology and natural history at Bolton Museum, including the renowned Egyptology gallery.

Wander through Smithills Hall

If you’re into history, you can also discover the historic Smithills Hall, a medieval manor house surrounded by beautiful gardens and woodland, offering a glimpse into the region's past.

Explore Rivington Pike

Whether you decide to hike or cycle up to the summit of Rivington Pike, you’ll see an iconic landmark with panoramic views over Bolton and the surrounding countryside.

Attend a performance at the Octagon Theatre

Enjoy a night of live theatre at the Octagon Theatre, a renowned venue hosting a variety of productions, from classic plays to contemporary works.

Visit Jumbles Country Park

Explore the tranquil Jumbles Country Park which offers picturesque walks, picnic spots, and opportunities for sailing and fishing on the reservoir.

Discover the Fred Dibnah Heritage Centre

Learn about the life and achievements of the famous steeplejack Fred Dibnah at his former home and heritage centre, showcasing his engineering and steam heritage.

Explore Moses Gate Country Park

Enjoy the nature trails and wildlife while taking in the picturesque scenery of Moses Gate Country Park, located on the outskirts of Bolton.

Attend a match at the University of Bolton Stadium

Cheer on Bolton Wanderers Football Club and experience the electric atmosphere of a football match at the University of Bolton Stadium.

Visit the Bolton Steam Museum

Step into the world of steam power at the Bolton Steam Museum, home to an impressive collection of working steam engines and vintage vehicles.

Explore Turton Tower

Discover the historic Turton Tower, a 15th-century pele tower surrounded by beautiful gardens and offering insights into centuries of local history.

Wander through Queen's Park

Take a leisurely stroll or enjoy a picnic in the picturesque Queen's Park which boasts green spaces, ornamental gardens and a boating lake.

Attend the Bolton Food and Drink Festival

Indulge in culinary delights at the annual Bolton Food and Drink Festival, showcasing local produce, celebrity chefs, and live entertainment.

Discover the Hall i' th' Wood Museum

Visit the Hall i' th' Wood Museum, a 16th-century timber-framed house that was once home to famous British writer Samuel Crompton.

Explore Leverhulme Park

Enjoy outdoor activities and leisure facilities including sports fields, walking trails and a playground at Leverhulme Park.

Take a trip to the West Pennine Moors

Venture into the nearby West Pennine Moors for breathtaking landscapes, scenic walks and opportunities for birdwatching and photography.

How many of these bucket list experiences have you already ticked off?