A best-selling author from Bolton is celebrating a milestone as her tenth novel is set to be published.

Emma Hornby will have her tenth book published, The Chimney Sweep’s Sister, on August 3 by Penguin.

The new novel is described as a gripping, historical romance saga which is a chilling yet heart-warming story of struggle, family, and love, following a young woman who must choose between her dreams and protecting her brother.

It is billed as being perfect for fans of Dilly Court and Rosie Goodwin.

The characters, Jenny and her little brother Noah are orphans, living hand to mouth in the heart of the Manchester slums.

At the tender age of nine, Noah is a chimney sweep's boy - a dangerous job, where he's wickedly mistreated.

But they survive on his earnings, as Jenny’s fiery temper has prevented her from keeping down a job herself.

With her brother's safety on the line, Jenny puts her talent for singing to good use.

The Bolton News: Emma Hornby and her new bookEmma Hornby and her new book (Image: Penguin/Emma Hornby)

But there's a darker bargain to be struck in return for their new riches.

Emma lives on a tight-knit working-class estate in Bolton and says has read sagas all her life.

Before pursuing a career as a novelist, she had a variety of jobs from care assistant for the elderly to working in a Blackpool Rock Factory.

Emma was inspired to write after researching her family history, like the characters in her books, many generations of her family eked out life amidst the squalor and poverty of Lancashire’s slums.

Speaking about her new milestone, Emma said: “The idea for this book had been on the backburner for a while - I just knew I had to create it.

“I'm not an author to shy away from difficult subject matters, and the profession of chimney sweep and the deplorable conditions suffered by their 'climbing boys' has to be up there with the worst.

“I'm excited (albeit nervous, as I always am!) to see the book released into the wild.

“It has a great cast of characters (both good and bad) whom I hope readers will grow to love - and hate!

“As with every novel, I dedicated many months to the book.

“And as is usually the case, I probably spent as much time researching as I did the actual writing - historical accuracy is vital.

“I very much enjoyed creating it.

“All of my books are set in either Bolton, Manchester, or a mixture of both.

“They are from where my family hail stretching back countless generations - it's a joy to cover the areas which mean so much to me.

“The struggles of long-gone strong and often oppressed working-class northerners shouldn't be forgotten and feature strongly in my work.

“It feels a bit surreal really to reach this milestone. I still have to pinch myself that I'm doing this job!”

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