Police have warned off-road bikers they will seize their bikes if they ignore 'no go' signs.

It comes as police in Bolton revealed they were bidding for the specialist off-road unit to be deployed to the borough to deal with the on-going nuisance caused by scramblers bikes.

Police community support officers were out on patrol in the Hall i'th' Wood and pointed out that the signs displayed on the lampposts – with a cross through an off-road bike – gives police powers to seize them in that area.

Off road bikes include any motorised two-wheeled vehicles that are designed to be ridden in dirt, sand, mud, grass, or gravel.

A spokesperson for Bolton North GMP said: “As you can see on the lamp post there is a warning regards the use of off-road bikes.

“That gives officers the power to seize bikes being used in that area.

“Don't ignore the warning; you've been warned.”

It comes as police continue to crack down on off-road bikes.

Police in Bolton teamed up with the specialist Off-Road Bike Unit and seized a bike after riding on Longsight Park in Harwood, in March this year.

The issue was raised by residents in that area who were particularly concerned.

Detective Sergeant Craig Walker warned earlier this year that police would be able to seize any off-road bikes causing a nuisance.

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