A new restaurant is opening in Bolton after "customer demand" after people travelled across the border to taste the food.

Jaan's Restaurant will be serving up Asian cuisine from Friday, July 21. 

The restaurant, which will seat 150 people, is run co-run by brothers Saadullah and Hamdullah Waseem, who also run a Jaan's restaurant in Blackburn. 

It will serve Asian curries, pizzas, barbecue food, burgers, steaks and grills. 

Saadullah said: "We took it over a month ago now. We have a restaurant like this in Blackburn.

The Bolton News: A poster advertising the new restaurantA poster advertising the new restaurant (Image: Newsquest)

"We serve Asian curries, pizzas, barbecue food, all that stuff, and it is 100 per cent halal. It is a beautiful building from the outside, it is on a main road, a corner building on Blackburn Road."

The restaurant specialises in Karahi and Tawa grill foods. 

The owners took over the restaurant about a month ago and the owners spent that time revamping the inside. 

Saadullah added: "It is very similar to the Blackburn Jaan's. Before it was dark, but now we have made it brighter and given it life.

"We have bought all new equipment, with seating upstairs and downstairs.

"We also have a special room, a private room, to go to with your family and children.

The Bolton News: Jaan's BBQ in BlackburnJaan's BBQ in Blackburn (Image: Jaan's BBQ)

"We have got a lot of customers from Bolton. So many customers told us in our restaurant in Blackburn, they said please open here, so we have to listen to them.

"Bolton is a big place too."

He added: "We are thinking to open as soon as possible, so all the new customers from Bolton can come here and try our food." 

The family also have restaurants in Spain which also serve halal food, and opened their Blackburn restaurant three years ago. 

They plan to open the new restaurant next Friday, July 21. 

The owners say they will be hiring around ten people to work at the restaurant. 

Anyone who is interested in applying can email jaansbolton@gmail.com.