A former pub in what has been dubbed a “notorious traffic blackspot” could be set to be transformed into new housing.

The plan was lodged just last week to turn the Spread Eagle pub on Manchester Road in Kearsley into an eight bedroom house of multiple occupancy.

But the idea has already provoked a mixed reaction from the community and their representatives.

Cllr Paul Heslop, who represents Kearsley, said: “It’s a notorious traffic blackspot so that in itself is worrying.

“I don’t know if this is going to include something to be done about traffic along Manchester Road so that really will have to be something that we’ll look at in the planning process.”

The Bolton News: The plans have been put before Bolton CouncilThe plans have been put before Bolton Council (Image: Watergrove CGI Architectural Visuals)

He added: “Of course we in One Kearsley would like to see all HMO applications have to go through the planning committee.

“At the minute HMOs only have to be approved by planning if they’re going to have more than six bedrooms so what we’re saying is that they should all have to go through that process even if there are less bedrooms than that.”

In the case of the plans for the Manchester Road HMO, the former pub site will be remade so that there are separate rooms for up to eight unrelated people to live there.

Similar kinds of housing has been springing up all over Bolton in recent months bit has often proven to be controversial amid concerns about overcrowding in what had previously been family homes and parking.

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Cllr Heslop said: “In this case we would naturally expect it to go to planning and we will be looking to raise it with residents.”

He added: “The major concerns we would have are the burdens on Kearsley services, or should I say lack of services, and the effect on traffic.”

Cllr Heslop also said that he and his colleagues would be exploring the possibility of traffic restriction orders in the area to help reduce the impact on the roads.

The plans for the Spread Eagle HMO were put before Bolton Council on July 13 and will be decided on by the authority’s planning committee at a later date.