FALL detectors, movement sensors and machines that can tell if your home is flooded sounds like something out of a science fiction novel.

In reality it is a scheme designed to help elderly people remain independent.

Now, council bosses want to roll it out to all vulnerable adults to enable them to stay in their own homes for longer.

Cllr Madeline Murray, executive member for health and adult social care, said: "We really want to promote the use of this service for people in their own homes to help them maintain their independence.

"It offers people another choice rather than having to rely on a carer or having to go into full-time residential care. We launched this scheme a year ago for older people and are now rolling it out for all vulnerable adults, such as those with learning difficulties."

The scheme is an extension of the Careline project, which is run by Bolton at Home, and provides residents with a buzzer that connects directly to professionals who can contact family members of the emergency services if necessary.

Now, there are dozens of pieces of equipment to keep people safe either in their own homes or in sheltered accommodation.

These include: A falls sensor, which is worn on the belt and triggers the alarm when someone falls.

A movement detector, which shows how people move about their home and can alert Careline if someone wanders' in the night or does not move often enough during the day.

A epilepsy sensor, which is placed under the sheets and alerts specialist staff if someone's temperature or movement signify they are about to have an epileptic fit.

A temperature extremes sensor, which is placed in the kitchen and alerts Careline if the cooker is on, or by a radiator to make sure people are warm enough in winter.

Property exit sensors, which are located above the front door and make sure people do not leave their home during the middle of the night or when they are vulnerable and prevent intruders.

Bed and chair occupancy sensors can also be installed and set to a timer to alert Careline if someone if out of bed for too long or does not get up from a chair after a prolonged period of time.

Equipment for the scheme has been provided by Bolton Council but run by Careline.

It is installed free of charge but costs £6.25 per week, which pays for running costs.

There is a show flat at Merton in Stanmore Drive, Deane, which can be viewed, by appointment, by members of the public.

For more information about the show flat or the scheme people can contact 01204 337534 or email telecare@botlon.gov.uk.