Cameras have been rolling on a Bolton estate this week as filming gets underway for a new BBC drama telling the story of the infamous kidnap of a model.

The Oldhams Estate in Astley Bridge has been the site of filming for the drama  based on the true story of the kidnapping of British model Chloe Ayling.

Ms Ayling travelled to Milan in 2017 for a modelling photoshoot, when she was kidnapped by Lukasz Herba and held for six days in a remote farmhouse.

The series follows her terrifying kidnap, her bravery and resilience in captivity, and the subsequent court case that put her kidnappers in jail. Yet despite their convictions, Chloe faced headlines accusing her of faking her own kidnapping, and found herself at the centre of a media storm.

The Bolton News: Filming on Selkirk Road in BoltonFilming on Selkirk Road in Bolton (Image: Newsquest)

The series asks why Chloe was blamed for her kidnappers’ crimes. How do we relate to survivors of crime who make the front pages? And how does it feel to be an ordinary person, caught up in events so extraordinary that you aren’t believed?

Film crews could be seen at a house on Selkirk Road in Bolton, which was closed off. Nearby signs state that the road is set to be closed all week, with sources confirming that the closure is because of the drama.

Following her return to England, Ms Ayling read a statement outside her house describing the ordeal. 

The Bolton News: Chloe Ayling, left, and Georgia Lester, right, who wrote the showChloe Ayling, left, and Georgia Lester, right, who wrote the show (Image: BBC)

A recreation of this could be seen being filmed this week, with lead actress Nadia Parkes, playing Ayling, wearing a similar outfit to the one she wore as she read the statement. 

Oldhams Estate residents gave their thoughts on the filming.

One said: "I think it is good that it is filmed on a council estate rather than a brand new build with brand new houses.

"I noticed the filming when I was walking to school, I thought why is it coned off?"


Filming has been taking place on Oldhams Estate in Astley Bridge for ‘Kidnapped’, a new BBC drama based on the real-life kidnapping of model Chloe Ayling. Full story on our website

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Another resident said: "It is a bit inconvenient because I use it as a cut through, but it is exciting at the same time.

"I am excited to watch whatever they are making."

Another added: "Obviously it depends on what they are filming.

"It is even more interesting that they picked this as a destination for a dramatisation."

The Bolton News: The filming is taking place all through the weekThe filming is taking place all through the week (Image: Newsquest)

However, some were more nonplussed, with one resident saying he "did not really care."

Staff at Last Drop Village Hotel & Spa confirmed that there had been filming there recently as well, although they could not confirm what was being filmed for.

This comes after crews were spotted filming yesterday in Bolton town centre for new Michelle Keegan-led Netflix thriller Fool Me Once.

The eight-part series, based on the book of the same name by Harlan Coben, was being filmed in the cells in the old Magistrates Court on Le Mans Crescent.