A resident fears there will be more accidents and injuries if more measures to crackdown on speeding and schemes to make the road safer for everyone are not introduced in Egerton.

It comes as ward councillors announced last week that a number of anti-speeding measures would be stepped up in the area.

But local resident Brian Denver says more is needed to tackle the issue, such as more signage, and crossings in Egerton village and Dunscar Bridge.

He said: “It’s extremely difficult to cross the roads and over the past 18 months or so speeds have been beyond reasonable.

“In Egerton speeds are in excess of 30mph and near Walmsley Primary School 20mph are also exceeded.

The Bolton News: Serious crash on the A666 at Dunscar Bridge in July 2021Serious crash on the A666 at Dunscar Bridge in July 2021

“People have been knocked off bikes and there have been a lot of accidents.

“We are going to see more accidents, injuries, and deaths unless something is done.

“Perhaps it is time whereby a bit of initiative could excel, and we might think of safety zone volunteers trained by police, to record speeding violations with the appropriate speed cameras.”

Cllr Nadim Muslim says that a number of crossings have been installed at problematic areas, as well as Driver Feedback Signs installed on a number of roads in the ward.

The signs display a driver’s speed to encourage them to slow down, and also collect data on vehicle speeds too.

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Brian also believes that the areas are not being policed enough, so people are able to get away with driving offences.

Since living near Dunscar Bridge for more than 40 years, he says he has seen an increase in the traffic.

Since Cllr Muslim, Cllr Samantha Connor, and Cllr Amy Cowen recently met with council officers, highways staff, and Greater Manchester Police officers, they put forward a three-point action plan, which includes holding a public meeting on speeding with representatives from Bolton Council and GMP in the next couple of months.

The meetings will provide an opportunity for residents to directly raise their concerns and hear about solutions.

There will also be an increase in speeding operations, where there will be a higher visibility of police in the area.

Work is also being done with the police to bring Community Speed Watch to the area, so residents and police can work together.

Egerton is part of the Bromley Cross ward which covers four main roads for through traffic: Blackburn Road, Darwen Road, Chapeltown Road, and Turton Road.

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