Tree planting could be set to take place across “priority areas” across Bolton.

Bolton Council leaders say that the hope to work with community, environment and other groups to work out where these areas could be.

This comes after questions put by Cllr Debbie Newall of Kearsley at a town hall meeting about what was being done to protect the borough’s woodland and stop the trees being “covertly” cut down.

She said: “In recent years Kearsley has experienced instances where trees have been felled, often covertly, in areas that have acted as a buffer between these highways or located in open spaces used by residents.

The Bolton News: The questions were posed at a Bolton Council meeting at town hallThe questions were posed at a Bolton Council meeting at town hall (Image: Newsquest)

“Trees were previously felled in Singing Clough, and adjoining this area Bolton Road from Kearsley roundabout to Stoneclough Road, has been identified as one of highest polluted areas of Greater Manchester.

“As you pass through Kearsley the name changes from Bolton Road to Manchester Road and again trees were felled on Manchester Road in an area where traffic, at peak times, is either stationary or crawling along at a very slow speed.” 

Earlier in July, plans were lodged to build houses on Manchester Road in an area were trees had been cut down in 2020.

Just last November the council announced that nearly 30 trees were set to be cut down in Farnworth Park off Market Street, though in this case they were effected by Ash Dieback Disease and Dutch Elm Disease.

In response to Cllr Newall’s question, executive cabinet member for the environment Cllr Richard Silvester said he hopes to see more trees planted in various locations.

He said: “I am aware that officers have been working with organisations to identify priority areas were further tree planting can take place.

“And I’m happy to ask officers to look specifically within Kearsley where these areas are.”

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He added: “Officers are working with the City of Trees to identify sites for the creation of woodland and tree planting across Bolton, including Kearsley.

“And I as executive cabinet member am a member of the Greater Manchester Forest Partnership, which is linked to the work of the City of Trees.”

Cllr Silvester also said that he would also ask council officers to look into specific information about the how many requests to tree preservation orders have been made in recent times.