A plan has been lodged for another new 18metre high telegraph pole at a Bolton junction.

The proposal will see the pole put up at the junction of Bradford Road with Minerva Road in Farnworth along with antennas and equipment cabinets.

But similar proposals for telegraph poles have proven to be controversial and this has proven no different.

Cllr Sue Haworth, who represents Farnworth North on the council, said: “Yes, there was prior submission contact yet it looks like views given were not taken on board.

“It's in front of housing at the lovely community junction area of Minerva Road and Bradford Road.

The Bolton News: Plans for the pole have been put before Bolton CouncilPlans for the pole have been put before Bolton Council (Image: Cignal Infrastructure UK Ltd)

“We want more flowers and plants here, not towering and stark metal objects.”

As well as the pole itself there will also be six antennas and three equipment cabinets.

The company behind the plans, CEP Telecoms Ltd, has already considered alternative sites including on Harper Green Road, Greenland Road and elsewhere on Bradford Road.

But it says that installing the mast at the location they chose can ensure 4G and 5G technologies are provided in the area around Bradford Road.

A statement said: “This site will enable 5G coverage to be provided to this area of Bradford Road.

“The government recognises that widespread coverage of mobile connectivity is essential for people and businesses.

“That is why the government is committed to extending mobile geographical coverage further across the UK, with continuous mobile connectivity provided to all major roads and to being a world leader in 5G.

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“This will allow everyone in the country to benefit from the economic advantages of widespread mobile coverage.”

It added: “As well as improved mobile signal, 5G networks are also crucial to drive productivity and growth across the sectors that local areas are focusing on through their emerging local industrial strategies.

“Enabling and planning for 5G implementation is central to achieving the government’s objective to deliver prosperity at the local level and enable all places to share in the proceeds of growth.”

The plans were put before the council on Monday, July 24 and will be open for neighbourhood consultations until Thursday, August 15.