Shoppers did not hold back after the annoucement their local supermarket was earmarked for closure.

The Bolton News reported that Morrisons Breightmet could close as part of a review being undertaken.

Bosses at the supermarket have said they do not believe that the store's performance is sustainable. 

The next nearest is the Blackhorse Street store, which is around a 10-minute drive from the Breightmet Morrisons and has an estimated walking time of around 50 minutes. 

The Bolton News: Breightmet MorrisonsBreightmet Morrisons (Image: NQ)

Joanne Rorke, aged 58, of Breightmet, said: "This has been my lifeline, I have medical issues, seizures constantly. When I come in all the staff know who I am and make sure I am alright.

"Through that, they became my friends. You don't realise what they are taking away from the community.

"The older generation, they come in and chat to the people. It is heartbreaking for the staff as well as the community around here.

The Bolton News: Joanne Rorke, aged 58Joanne Rorke, aged 58 (Image: Newsquest)

"I think they see it as more retail floor space, it is something so much more than that."

She continued: "It is always busy, I can't think of a time it is not busy."

Julie Brayshaw, aged 55, who lives near to the store, said: "I will miss it, it is handy. It is just across the road.

"There is Aldi, probably a lot of people will go there. Most of my friends use it, you can't always get everything in Aldi."

The Bolton News: Julie Brayshaw, aged 55Julie Brayshaw, aged 55 (Image: Newsquest)

Glynn Jones, aged 63, from Breightmet, said: "It will be a bit sad this, my wife worked at M&S for 40 years - thankfully she relocated to the Bury store.

"Bury is a lot better than Bolton nowadays, Bolton town centre is dead." 

David Slater of Breightmet said: "I use it often. It is the nearest, in fact I use it every day normally to get the paper."

One Breightmet resident, who did not want to be named, said: "We have always shopped here, it has always been good.

The Bolton News: Glyn Jones, aged 63Glyn Jones, aged 63 (Image: Newsquest)

"It is an inconvenience because in town traffic is horrendous, we only live near by."

Another said: "It will be a pity, it will be a big miss round here. We have got Aldi, Home Bargains, B&M, apart from Iceland you want a proper supermarket.

"It is our nearest main supermarket. Otherwise, there is not a proper store that you can go through, it is a big shame."