New cameras are being rolled out in Bolton to keep people and road users safe.

New speed cameras are being installed in the borough, along with automatic number plate recognition cameras  (ANPR).

Transport for Greater Manchester is upgrading the speed cameras, while Greater Manchester Police have replaced and increased ANPR cameras in the city region, including Bolton.

Funded through the Mayor’s Challenge Fund (MCF), TfGM aims to encourage better driver behaviour by creating a better network of modern safety cameras, which will contribute towards reductions in speeding and collisions.

One of the locations where TfGM have installed cameras is opposite the Co-op on Chorley New Road in Horwich.

Ward councillor Cllr Ryan Bamforth said: “To my knowledge, it has been put in place by TfGM so it is not being funded by Bolton Council.

"I personally don't have an issue, if anything they will aid the police in keeping us safe.

The Bolton News: The new ANPR cameras are as part of a TfGM initiativeThe new ANPR cameras are as part of a TfGM initiative (Image: Public)

"I know some people don't like them. I have just been contacted by a resident saying there aren't enough police around on the street.

"There aren't enough, but that isn't the fault of police, and this ANPR will help protect and keep us safe."

He added: "There is already a speed camera there, I can only assume they are going to remove the static cameras already there.

"My only fear is this has got something more sinister. If it were to be used for a charging zone, if it has got something to do with that or the new 15 minute cities, I don't want it to be anything to do with that."

Police say that new additional sites for cameras  have been identified as part of their programme  in areas where criminals travel and use vehicles to commit crime.

The Bolton News: The cameras are on Chorley New Road in Horwich, outside the Co-opThe cameras are on Chorley New Road in Horwich, outside the Co-op (Image: Public)

The cameras have already helped to locate a vulnerable missing man in the Greater Manchester area as well as a stolen vehicle.

A spokesman said: "After a short pursuit the vehicle was brought to a safe stop and recovered by officers, with the suspect – a 21-year-old man – was arrested for theft of a motor vehicle."

The Bolton News: They come as part of ANPR cameras being brought in across Greater ManchesterThey come as part of ANPR cameras being brought in across Greater Manchester (Image: Public)

Police use ANPR technology to help detect, deter and disrupt criminal activity at a local, force, regional and national level. This includes travelling criminals (those using the road network to avoid being caught), organised crime groups and terrorists.

The spokesman added: "As a vehicle passes an ANPR camera, its registration number is read and instantly checked against database records of vehicles of interest. Police officers can stop a vehicle, speak to the occupants and, where necessary, make arrests.

"ANPR has proved to be important in the detection of many offences, including locating, for example, people wanted for arrest or missing, witnesses, stolen vehicles, uninsured vehicles and uncovering cases of major crime."