Loyal Emmerdale fans could be in for a shock next week as five much-loved characters could be leaving the ITV soap, according to spoilers.

This includes one special resident who has been a part of the dales for over two decades.

Meanwhile, three characters could go on the run after “worrying scenes” which are yet to air on the series, while a further two Emmerdale favourites could also be “axed” as one local villager decides they must get away for a while, reports The Mirror.

5 Emmerdale characters could be leaving the ITV soap – who are they?

The character of Gabby Thomas first arrived in Emmerdale in 2001 and has had several actresses play the role.

But now she plans to disappear to Portugal in upcoming scenes teased by the soap.

She intends to flee with her son Thomas where her grandparent Diane Sugden lives after she left the residential streets a few years ago.

The Mirror added: “The young mother decides she needs to get away for a while, while it's not specified how long she could stay there for. It comes amid her growing attraction to Billy Fletcher.”

Plus, after the recent court case situation involving Dan Spencer, his daughter Amelia is hopeful she can convince her dad to go on the run.

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This is because he injured a man named Lloyd who was harassing young Amelia.

The Mirror explained: “She advises that they and her young daughter Esther do a runner and leave the village for good, as she fears he will go to prison.

“Dan protests at her plan, but Amelia is insistent they can escape to Ireland in order to stay as a family. Dan is reluctant, but an incident with Esther leads to him worrying about leaving Amelia.”

After a lot of thought, Dan contacts boss Cain Dingle for help and later gives Amelia the go-ahead for their escape plan but it must be a secret, and even Amelia’s partner Noah can’t find out.

To assist them, Dan’s friend Cain gives the pair ferry tickets, an old car and a burner phone as they attempt to make their way to Ireland in a hurry.

The potential departures follow the shock exit of Bhasker Patel who played Rishi Sharma for 12 years in the Yorkshire village.

It was only last week when Rishi died in an accident.

Emmerdale airs weekdays from 7.30pm on ITV1 and ITVX and an hour-long episode airs on Thursdays evenings.