Manchester Airport has been named the worst international airport in the UK.

Travel insurance company Loveit Coverit has aggregated Google review scores and customer ratings from the airport and airline review site SKYTRAX to calculate the average customer review score for each of the UK's international airports.

Manchester Airport was given a score of 2 out of 5 with Loveit Coverit saying a reviewer on Google Reviews said: “During my lifetime I have travelled through many airports and this one is by far the worst. The staff were rude and unfriendly, all machines were slow and everything took twice as long as it should."

Other UK airports including Birmingham, Norwich and Stansted also made the list.

Top 10 worst international airports in the UK

Here’s the list of the top 10 worst international airports in the UK along with their average customer review score, according to Loveit Coverit.

  1. Manchester – 2
  2. Luton – 2.05
  3. Leeds & Bradford – 2.1
  4. Stansted – 2.15
  5. East Midlands – 2.2
  6. Belfast – 2.25
  7. Norwich – 2.4
  8. Bristol – 2.45
  9. Bournemouth – 2.5
  10. Birmingham – 2.55

A spokesperson for Loveit Coverit said: “The study reminds us that behind the glossy brochures and enticing travel ads, the reality of airport experiences can sometimes fall short. It stresses the value of travel insurance, guaranteeing that should anything go amiss, you won't be liable for the expenses while having to endure a substandard journey.”

What did Manchester Airport say about the findings?

A Manchester Airport spokesperson told Newsquest: “This research, compiled by an insurance company, is based on unverified online accounts.

“We are committed to providing a good customer service and are confident passengers travelling with us this summer will experience that.

“We have delivered successful Christmas, Easter and spring half-term holidays, as well as our busiest month since September 2019 in June – all while keeping average queue times in security below 15 minutes for 95% of customers.

“That’s why we’re confident that anyone who comes through the airport will be getting the best start to their holidays.”