Whether you’re jetting off on holiday this morning or you’re curious to see which flights are on time and which are delayed or cancelled at Manchester Airport, look no further.

Manchester Airport sees a variety of flights to many destinations departing and arriving each day but sometimes customers are hit with delays or cancellations.

To help you stay up to date with the flights that have been affected today (August 9), we’ve listed all the flights scheduled until 2pm that are currently delayed, including departures and arrivals for Manchester Airport, according to a flight tracker website – Flightradar24.

What happens if you miss your flight due to airport delays?

Delayed flights at Manchester Airport – August 9, 2023

Here are all the delayed flights that are scheduled to be arriving or leaving Manchester Airport up until 2pm on August 9.

Track your flight via the Flightradar24 website.

It's important to note that a flight's status can change - the below information is correct at the time of writing.

We have listed all the flights scheduled to take off or land until 2pm today that are labelled amber or red.


  • Frankfurt – Flight LH942 estimated arrival 10.34am
  • Venice – Flight FR2899 estimated arrival 11.35am
  • Istanbul – Flight TK1991 estimated arrival 12.50pm


  • Flight EXS035F – estimated departure 10.50am
  • Athens – Flight A3639 estimated departure 11.03am
  • Munich – Flight LH2501 estimated departure 12pm
  • Lisbon – Flight TP1317 estimated departure 11.23am
  • Orlando – Flight EG935 estimated departure 11.20am
  • Amsterdam – Flight KL1074 estimated departure 11.34am
  • Atlanta – Flight VS109 estimated departure 12.10pm
  • Rzeszow – Flight FR3202 estimated departure 12.11pm
  • Palma de Mallorca – Flight FR3445 estimated departure 12.21pm
  • Naples – Flight FR6835 estimated departure 12.46pm
  • Antalya – Flight PC1816 estimated departure 1.10pm
  • Dubrovnik – Flight U22243 estimated departure 1.50pm
  • Istanbul – Flight TK1992 estimated departure 2pm
  • Pafos – Flight FR4927 estimated departure 1.21pm
  • Berlin – Flight FR1145 estimated departure 2.21pm
  • Rhodes – Flight RK9076 estimated departure 1.41pm
  • Toronto – Flight TS207 estimated departure 1.45pm
  • Amsterdam – Flight KL1076 estimated departure 2.05pm
  • Agadir – Flight RK1266 estimated departure 2.01pm
  • Ibiza – Flight FR1263 estimated departure 2.06pm

You can track your flight via Flightradar24.