An Emmerdale actor has spoken about his “really sad” final scenes as he prepares to "leave" the ITV soap after 12 years.

Liam Fox who plays one of the Dale's favourite characters Dan Spencer has said reading the exit scripts “made me cry a few times”.

The 53-year-old has been a famous face in the village since 2011 but Dan is now facing a lengthy time inside for manslaughter following the death of Lloyd Sawyer.

Loyal fans will remember Dan punching Lloyd after he found out he was stalking his daughter Amelia Spencer.

Is Dan Spencer leaving Emmerdale for good?

Dan’s court sentencing on Emmerdale is now looming closer, with viewers wondering how long he is going to be behind bars in prison.

As revealed to OK! and other press, Liam explained: "When I read the scripts, it was like: 'Wow, this is awesome.'

"He's kind of taking it all in and realising that he's going and getting support from other people in the village. There's some lovely stuff.

"Before he goes, he goes into the Woolpack and Man Club are there and really supporting him.

"It's really well written, really nice stuff. It made me cry a few times reading it, so yeah, very emotional, lovely stuff.

"I feel very lucky to get that sort of script around the story."

Dan and his daughter Amelia along with her little one Esther, were previously planning on running away to Ireland but he had a “change of heart” and will now face serious consequences.

Liam said: "He's scared about how long he's going to get.

"I think he's presuming he's going to get three years or something like that.

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"He's got it in his head, you know, after 18 months, he might be out and everything.

"But even so, can he cope with 18 months? Is that something Dan can get his head around?

"Whatever Dan does, when he comes out, if he comes out, he's going to be a different man. Somebody like Dan will not benefit from prison."

When speaking about Dan’s role coming to an end after more than a decade, Liam added: "He lost it. I don’t know how much he feels like he should be punished, but he just seems wracked with guilt more than anything else.

"Obviously, anyone would hope for the lightest sentence, but it’s just pure guilt, really, and he doesn’t know where to turn. It’s really sad."