A fresh plan has been lodged to covert a vacant building into a 13-bedroom house of multiple occupancy (HMO).

A similar scheme on Higher Market Street, Farnworth for a 14-bedroom HMO was thrown out by Bolton Council earlier this year over concerns about the number of people.

But now another proposal has been put forward, raising similar concerns.

Cllr Paul Heslop, who represents Kearsley, said: “It will still have to go to planning and I’ve requested that its heard by the full planning committee.

“I’m still not convinced that there’s adequate amenities space, the bedrooms seem very small.

“And of course, for the whole area we’re talking possibly up to 13 new cars.”

The Bolton News: The HMO will include 13 bedroomsThe HMO will include 13 bedrooms (Image: Ochre Building Design)

Cllr Heslop drew on examples of other councils around the country which required at least 0.5 car parking spaces for each bedroom on schemes like these.

He said: “There are yellow lines just outside on Mather Street and there’s a car park at the pub nearby but there’s no public parking around there.

“Then there’s the fact that this is being built upwards so there’s the issue of overlook on other properties around Mather Street.

The Bolton News: The building is on the corner of Higher Market Street and Mather StreetThe building is on the corner of Higher Market Street and Mather Street (Image: Ochre Building Design)

“This is something else I’ll be taking to the committee along with any other representations.”

But the developers have said they believe the site is ideal for new housing with good transport links and Royal Bolton Hospital less than two miles away.

A statement said: “The proposed amendments and alterations along with the resulting use has little or no impact on the character of either Higher Market Street or Mather Street other than to improve the quality of the buildings in the area.

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“The objective is, in line with government policy, to create a sustainable, inclusive, mixed community and to bring back to use an otherwise derelict building.

“As a result, the conversion of this building will provide an important source of new housing to the area.”

The fresh plans were put before the council on Sunday, August 13 and will be open for neighbourhood consultations until Thursday, September 7.

The scheme will them be debated by the authority’s planning committee at a later date.