Bromley Cross residents have been urged to support a campaign to save their local train station ticket office.

It comes after Northern announced plans to close the ticket office at Bromley Cross train station in July, with only a single member of staff being on the platform for two hours a day and not on Sundays.

Since then the consultation period has been extended, and residents are being asked to share their concerns before September 1.

Ward councillor Cllr Nadim Muslim said “This is a massive concern for residents.

“I commute from Bromley Cross train station and on so many occasions, the ticket machine doesn’t work, and you are limited if you have cash.

“Keeping the ticket office open is vital that people can still use the rail network safely and with confidence.”

For many people, the ticket office is a source of information and comfort, allowing them to navigate the rail network easily, and concerns have been raised by charities that the disabled, elderly, and vulnerable will be most affected.

Fellow ward councillor, Cllr Samantha Connor, added “We need to protect the ticket office.

“It is those who are elderly or vulnerable that will be the most affected.

“The train station is used by people from Bradshaw, Harwood and Astley Bridge, as well as Bromley Cross and Egerton, so thousands of people could see their ability to use the train reduced if it is no longer accessible.”

Train operators unveiled proposals earlier this month for mass closures of station ticket offices after Transport Secretary Mark Harper urged them to cut costs.

A three-week consultation on the plans was announced on July 5 by the Rail Delivery Group, which said staff would move out of ticket offices, adopting new “customer help” roles already in place on many parts of the rail network.

Cllr Amy Cowen added: “The proposal to only have someone at the station for two hours each day, only in the morning, and not at all on Sundays makes no sense.

“So many residents are backing our campaign because they know they will struggle to use the rail services without the ticket office.

“I encourage everyone to sign up and support us.”

The Bromley Cross councillors will be at the train station in the mornings and outside local shops speaking to residents about the issue over the coming weeks.

Residents can sign up to the campaign here (

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