The council's environmental maintenance programme has been accused of giving a better service to some parts of the borough compared to others.

Cllr David Grant has suggested that Queen’s Park in Bolton town centre never has problems whereas areas in need in Horwich have received a substandard service.

It was said that memorial gardens and football pitches in the area had not been given the treatment that was required.

Officers from the environment team gave an update to the local authority about the service they provide at the council's place scrutiny committee meeting.

They explained they attended to different areas on a five week rota rather than being a demand led service.

The officers also said they aimed for consistency.

But Cllr David Grant, who represents the Horwich and Blackrod First Independent group, hit out at this suggestion.

He said: “I have major concerns on behalf of the people of Horwich.

“You say you have a consistent service rather than a demand led service, when you say consistent do you also check for the standard of that consistent service because people can meet a minimum consistent service as opposed to an acceptable service.

“Our memorial gardens are an absolute disgrace.

“They are an ornate and precious part of Horwich.

“The trees and bushes were cut down by what I classed as the wood butcher and they are not any better.

“Only when we put significant pressure on the council did it actually get cut from being knee high just before a major military memorial.

“You came out and cut it, it was bad, even after you had cut it.

“It was so bad Cllr Craig Rotherham paid out of his own pocket to have it redone.”

He added: “Just recently we have had the football season restart.

“A local football team had to postpone its first game because of your cut.

“It looked like people had dug up tuffs of grass had been dug up.

“At the weekend so the next game could go ahead people were using hand mowers.

“I say those football teams have a legal right to refuse to pay you because the condition was so shocking.”

The officer said the environment team's performance was being monitored on a regular basis and a new system was being installed to do this.

They also said irregular weather meant there could be growth over a short period of time and in a period of sustained rain would make it difficult to keep to a five week schedule.

Cllr Grant added: “It’s funny how you don’t have these problems on Queen’s Park.

“It is beautifully maintained, looked after, always wins awards, but for some reason you find it difficult to look after our more ornate and precious parks.”